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  • Dan Gaskin

It's not too late...

I hope you all had a good Easter weekend...

Easter is a time of renewed hope and redemption. A time to look forward to the coming year - where everything is coming to life and we're full of hope for the Summer after having endured a tough Winter.

As today is the first day of the new financial year (2021 - 2022), it's a good time to get your finances in order and make sure that you take advantage of everything you need, to be efficient in managing your money. Its never to late to ask for help.

It's easy to not know what you're entitled to. Finance, the tax code, allowances....it can all be very confusing and you can often 'not know what you don't know'.

Getting started is half the battle. If you can know the answers to these questions, you're way ahead of most people:

  • What will I need to live on when I retire?

  • When can I retire?

  • How much money will I need to maintain my lifestyle? In total? Yearly?

  • What does that mean for my ability to spend today?

  • How can I avoid inheritance tax?

  • When should I gift money?

  • How much can I gift?

As I mentioned, if you know all the answers to these, you probably don't need to talk to a financial adviser or lifestyle financial planner. If you are at all unsure, why not drop in to the Hungerford Legal & Financial Centre and have a chat with us.

You don't want to be here in a year's time with nothing started and nothing achieved - and the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Hope is not a strategy

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