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  • Dan Gaskin

Its often more fun when its planned....

So, finally things are starting to open up again. The Prime Minister has said that pubs will be allowed to open their doors on 12th April and you'll be able to get your hair done too.

Well I say hurrah, about time.

There are going to be lots of people going out, having fun and getting the money velocity up in the economy. It'll be so nice and refreshing to see friends and family again and we rather deserve to let loose after our year of quasi-incarceration, don't we?

Some will turn the celebrations up to eleven and will possibly spend more than they feel they should on partying and having a good time. That is so understandable! Sure, you can be a hero for a weekend but when the fun is over, then you have to face the reality of a large hole in that month's budget....Too much month at the end of your money.

Now, I'm not trying to be the 'kill-joy financial planner'. Spontaneity is wonderful - its just more wonderful when you know you can afford it. There's nothing worse having a knot in your stomach when you're secretly worrying about money.

Our lifestyle financial planning clients will have no such issue as they always know what they can spend. They know how many holidays they can have and how expensive they can be. They understand how much they can spend on pretty much anything without having to worry about running out of money. They know how much they can spend on eating out. They know how much they can spend partying. Its extremely liberating.

Now, to some, that might sound a little strict. I can hear some saying 'I just want to stay loose and go with the flow'. Well, that's exactly what financial planning gives you - an wonderful ability to relax about money and ensure that you focus on the important stuff like seeing friends, having great experiences and enjoying family time. Plan today and you'll never look back.

Most of our clients admit that they wish they'd done it years ago.

Have a lovely weekend, whatever you're doing,


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