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  • Dan Gaskin

Someday Isle - a deceptive place.

I forget who came up with the concept of 'Someday Isle' - I certainly can't claim that accolade.

'Someday Isle' is a very crowded place. Its where all those people live who have good intentions but, for many different reasons, never get round to acting on them.

'Some day I'll get round to sorting out my will'

'Some day I'll go and see the Northern Lights'

'Some day I'll spend some time with the kids'

'Some day I'll work out when I can retire'

Of course, you know that 'some day' comes often never comes. You start working, you settle into a job and all of a sudden, five years have disappeared. Remember when you started working? Yes....that seems like 5 minutes ago, doesn't it?

You're never going to lie on your death bed thinking 'I wish I'd worked more' or 'If only I'd sacrificed more family events...that would have been so much better!' No, you'll just regret those things you should have done but never gave a try. You'll regret things like not connecting with family and friends.

Our lifestyle planning clients don't have those regrets because they've taken action already.

So, here is a poem to inspire you to get started:

Victory by Herbert Kauffman
You are the man who used to boast
That you'd achieve the uttermost,
Some day

You merely wished a show,
To demonstrate how much you know
And prove the distance you can go....

Another year we've just passed through.
What new ideas came to you?
How many big things did you do?

Time...left twelve fresh months in your care
How many of them did you share
With opportunity and dare
Again where you so often missed?

We do not find you on the list of Makers Good.
Explain the fact!
Ah no, 'twas not the chance you lacked!
As usual - you failed to act!

So, if you want to get started and leave Someday Isle, we'd love to help you. Give Hungerford Financial Partners partners a call on 01488 757377.

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