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The Hungerford Legal and Financial Centre

In our West Berkshire market town of Hungerford, just off the High Street, there is a passageway between Eliane Coffee Shop and Hungerford Bookshop. In that passageway, there is a door.

Go through that doorway, up to the first floor and you will find a team of local professionals collaborating to help clients. You've just walked in to the Hungerford Legal and Financial Centre

The Hungerford Legal and Financial Centre is the brain child of Karen Salmon. A co-owner of Marlborough Law, Karen is a successful solicitor as well as a businesswoman in multiple industries. When discussing cases with her clients, she would often be asked if she knew a good accountant or a good financial planner. Legal cases often throw out all kinds of financial conundrums for clients' businesses as well as your private finance.

So, Karen partnered Marlborough Law with Claritas Accountancy Ltd for accounting support for clients. She then asked us at Hungerford Financial Partners to come in to help our clients to have targeted lifestyle financial planning and ensure you can enjoy life without running out of money.

After that, we brought in some associates: Karen Ferris of Professionals in Partnership HR Consultancy so business clients can get help managing their staff, and UK Industry Finance's Mark Clifton so clients could also get help and guidance on financing expansion and equipment in their companies.

It works really well and clients are already reporting that it is a lot more convenient to have everything under one roof. Another positive is that we prioritise each others clients as we're all in the same team. There is no lag between referrals which means that you are seen and understood quicker. Often if there is a question, the answer can be sought there and then.

The five companies involved with the Hungerford Legal and Financial Centre are all local and we all care about the local area and in promoting local businesses. Although we all bring international experience to the table, we're happy to help any company or individual and put your mind at rest.

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